Track your kid’s WhatsApp in 3 steps


Download the application

Download Fawa's apk from our website & install it to your phone. If you have the previous versions, uninstall them first.


Synchronize with WhatsApp

Enter your phone number, receive our code, and link WhatsApp seamlessly with Fawa.


Start Tracking Now

Now you're ready to track with Fawa! Safety and guidance for your children are in your hands.

Why Should I Choose Fawa?

Fawa has Easy Installation Features

Completely Safe to Track Your Contacts

End-to-end Data Protection

Suitable Subscription Prices

Features of Fawa and more...

Everything you are looking for about keeping track of your children is in Fawa. The most important of these features are as follows;

Online Status Tracking

See the exact history of online status notifications of your children.

Auto Story Capture

Auto Story Capture

Capture WhatsApp stories automatically with Fawa, preserving your unforgettable moments.

Auto Profile Picture Capture

Automatically save WhatsApp profile photos of the people you follow and stay informed about their updates.

Recover Deleted Messages

Recover Deleted Messages

Monitor deleted messages to safeguard your communication and restore them to keep your data under control.

Multi Platform

Multi Platform

Fawa seamlessly operates across multiple platforms, allowing users to monitor online statuses on WhatsApp from any device.

Instant Notifications

Fawa keeps you connected and informed with instant WhatsApp status notifications, ensuring you stay up-to-date.

Real Reviews of Fawa’s Happy Customers

We also become happy when we read the real comments of our happy customers about Familik. Here are the most voted comments on different platforms.

Scarlett Miller
Like - Icon332 Like
It's a great app, first I was so confused about settings etc. Then I got their app live chat support, and they help me a lot. On support they give me like 30 mins long support, but with them I got a great solution for this app. I configure it with my kids WhatsApp and can see them live when they become online. Love it guys. Great Job.
Aidan Jones
Like - Icon78 Like
Fawa is a fantastic app that enhances my use of WhatsApp. It's especially helpful for recovering deleted messages and monitoring online statuses. The instant notifications keep me connected at all times, making my communication smoother.
Richard Cartner
Like - Icon61 Like
It is a very usefull tool that enhances my WhatsApp experience. It's particularly good for retrieving deleted messages and keeping track of online statuses. The instant notifications ensure I stay connected and facilitate seamless communication.